I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.

Matthew 25 v 40

“ Fighting rural poverty in Central Bedfordshire ”


Here are some of the lovely comments we have received:

The Need Project have been very instrumental in providing clothing, food and necessary living accessories amongst other things to The Nightshelter for many years to which we are very grateful.
The Nightshelter relies in part on the kindness of the public with donated items and without these items the residents would sometimes go without extra clothes to wear and the wide variety of food that is on offer but thanks to Gordon and The Need Project we have been able to offer an array of extra clothing and food amongst other things, these items have always been delivered to us by a wonderful couple (Mick and Joan) who have been very faithful and dependable in their service of The Nightshelter.

Nightshelter Team Leader, The Kings Arms Project Nightshelter

Thank you so much for the food parcel! It really helped us out during a time we were struggling financially, Thank you! The food was great. The people who we spoke to on the phone to confirm delivery were lovely as were the people who delivered to our door step.
Thank you all so much.

Mum, Central Beds Children's Centre

The Need Project sourced a cooker for me. I had recently moved to the area and had no money due to the house move. I had a microwave but desperately needed a cooker to enable me to cook good meals for my child. I couldn't believe that there was a service out there that could get me a cooker. They delivered it to me and I have also had food parcels from them. I can't thank them enough for their help!

Mum, Central Beds Children's Centre

Without the support and extremely kind donations of the food parcel, I would not know how I would have coped providing food for my son and me whilst waiting for my benefits to get sorted. I have required this service a couple of times and both times the parcels have been incredible and the people delivering are so lovely.

Mum, Central Beds Children's Centre

Food is one of the basic human needs in life. Last year, when I had a change of circumstance and separated from my ex-partner due to many reasons food or groceries is one of the things I'm really worried about. I will always be grateful to the Stotfold & District Children's Centre because they really help me with many things and I'm starting to stand on my own feet and live on my own with my daughter peacefully and less stressful every day.
One of the help they have done is that they put my name on the list and I began receiving food parcels from The Need Project since I became a single mum. I usually received it every fortnight, Friday evening around 5:30 in the afternoon to 7 or 8 in the evening. It really has a good impact on our life. We're both forever thankful to The Need Project for helping us me and my daughter for delivering the food parcels in our home. It helps us to live with the foods and other toiletries included what we need every day with less stress to worried about how we're going to live since I don't work yet but hopefully in the future. My daughter loves the biscuits and sometimes the chocolates inside the plastic bag. It's been nearly a year now, since they have delivered the food parcels.
Thank you very much for The Need Project and God bless.

RU, Stotfold

The food parcels really helped me and my family as both me and partner have just started working and changing from benefits every week to wages once a month was a huge change and we struggled to pay bills let alone pay for food. When I went to the children's centre I got an emergency food parcel which gave me such a relief and helped me and my family so much! We really appreciate this charity and I'm so grateful for the help we received! Thank you again.

LFW, Stotfold

Please accept our sincere thanks for the support and commitment you show to our customers living at Kilgour Court. We have been working alongside The Need Project just over four years where you have aided various support and donation for our customers.
The food donations your project provides have been very beneficial supporting a lot of our customers who face financial hardship and day to day struggles due to benefit sanctions and issues surrounding individual support needs. Donations have facilitated people to eat in emergency situations, provided comfort at a time of need and supplied free, nutritionally balanced culturally appropriate food to people in hardship and or crises.
Our aim at Kilgour Court is to support customers to live independently and move on to settled accommodation and develop their independent living skills during their time in our service.
Over the last 24 months we have successfully moved 45 customers into their own accommodation where The Need Project has support some of these customers with food and items which immensely helped maintain their tenancies.
The service The Need Project provides is greatly appreciated and valuable to the local community and services like ours. Without these services at lot of individual would struggle to live independently and maintain their accommodation.
Please accept our genuine thanks and gratitude for many years of support and hope to continue this partnership.

Independent Living Officer, Central Bedfordshire

Young single mum, 18 years of age with a baby
The Need Project provided furniture and baby clothes, together with several food parcels. The mum was extremely grateful for the furniture provided, sofa, drawers and vacuum cleaner. She was in receipt of limited benefits and struggled on a daily basis to be able to get by. The Need Project were happy to provide the furniture and clothing, together with food parcels and delivered the items to the Service user 1 who resided in a flat.

Family Safeguarding Team, Children's Services

Mother with 2 boys aged 6 yrs and 11 yrs.
The Need Project provided a single bed frame, television stand, several food parcels. Items were delivered very promptly. Mother could not afford to purchase a bed for her son and he was sleeping on the floor. Mother was struggling financially and was extremely grateful for the support provided by The Need Project.

Family Safeguarding Team, Children's Services

Young single, 19 years of age with baby.
The Need Project provided baby equipment and toys, to include bottle warmer, cot mobile and baby clothes. Mother was struggling on benefits and The Need Project regularly provided food parcels to help. Without The Need Project the family would have gone without food. Mother was overwhelmed by the support provided by The Need Project.

Family Safeguarding Team, Children's Services

The Need Project provide Xmas food parcels, every year, to our families. Each social worker has at least 5 families that are in desperate need of additional support. The Need Project are always happy to provide food and toys to the families and also to deliver the parcels in good time for Xmas. Without this support many of our families would have a miserable Xmas.
This is a service that Children's Services and all of our service users could not do without.

Family Safeguarding Team, Children's Services

The NEED Project has helped Central Bedfordshire Women's Refuge on numerous occasions in many different ways.
We are supported with Easter Eggs at Easter so all clients and their children as well as at Christmas with donations for all and supporting with bringing Christmas Trees over supporting with food parcels also.
Along with this, The NEED project have kindly donated items for clients moving into their new homes - this ranges from table and chairs to sofas and fridge freezers.
On one occasion, Gordon supported with a sofa and table chairs for a lady and her autistic child as the table and chairs that were provided were not sufficient for the needs of the child. Gordon kindly brought the items to the clients new home and removed the other set.
On another occasion, Gordon has supported a client with other good for the home to ensure a homely environment for that client after the hardship and trauma she has suffered for years.
The NEED Project have always been so giving and without them, we would not be able to support our clients to empower themselves, be safe and have everything they need, whether that is with us or when they move.
Staff and clients are truly appreciative of all the support we have received and The NEED Project is a major part of our service in order to promote the aforementioned.

Senior Project Officer, YMCA

The Need Project has played an integral part in the service we provide at Amicus Trust to Single Homeless between 16 and 64 and Veterans, providing food parcels and furniture, The Need Project has helped many feel at home in Supported Accommodation and to have enough to eat.
Amicus Trust greatly values the tireless work carried out by The Need Project and hopes its kind donations and Food Parcels will long continue.

Project 17, Amicus Trust Ltd

In March 2016 I left an abusive relationship with a few clothes and my two children. After sometime in a refuge I found myself homeless, vulnerable, sleeping on a friends sofa.
In the November 2016 I was given a council house and I moved in the first week of December. Things were tight, financially, emotionally and physically as I was pregnant. Christmas that year seemed impossible, but it was so important as it was the first one the girls would be able to celebrate without stress and arguments.
My church referred me to Gordon at The Need Project. That year there were gifts under the tree, food in the cupboard and even some treats for the children. We had Christmas and the healing process began. The need project has helped me with things for the baby, the girls and the house and cupboards without judgement or question.
Now in 2018 things have settled for my family and we are moving along. Without The Need Project the healing process would not be as progressed as it is now. What an incredible organisation, giving people so much more than physical items.

Mum, Letter received via Housing Association

I work in a hospital setting and have many people in need.
I have utilised The Need Project on a number of occasions now, to help with people in desperate need.
JM was a gentleman who had been leaving in a hotel for over six years all he had was one suitcase containing a few personal belongings, I worked with JM and the council to get him into sheltered accommodation, I contact Gordon (Need Project) who was more than willing to help me and JM. Gordon helped kit JM out with furniture including a bed, wardrobe and chair, he also provided some kitchen essentials including a microwave and kettle, he also set JM up with food and toiletries to help him when he first arrived. This helped settle JM into his own property, without this charity JM would have slept on the floor, he had no money or belongings which added to his anxiety. JM was able to have a good start from the help of The Need Project and feel part of society again, this also impacted on his well-being.

Community Care Officer, Lister Hospital

Gordon has also helped with ST, a homeless man of a year and a half who had tried on many occasions to take his own life, finally turned his life around and has been given a room in a shared house, Gordon supported ST with all the basics including bedding, clothes, food and toiletries, this made ST feel like someone again and not just a homeless man, he felt he now has a purpose in life and is working towards getting back into employment, the smile on ST's face was rewarding enough but when he was given all the items from The Need Project this has given him hope that good people do exist and are willing to help others in times of need.

Community Care Officer, Lister Hospital

Gordon and The Need Project have helped many people I have worked with in the hospital setting, most are in a crisis, this has enabled them to re-gain some self-worth and more importantly know that people do still care and do still want to help.
The Need Project is so important in the work they do and the people they have helped.
I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

Community Care Officer, Lister Hospital

Customer H living in mid Bedfordshire with two children under eight years old, all household members are challenged with OCD. H was in full time employment until recently and new to seeking benefits, H fell into rent areas and referred to us by their Housing Officer due to risk of eviction.
During the Independent Living assessment process it became apparent that debt and everyday living was a struggle for the family with H voicing she often goes without food so her children are feed, H showed the officer her empty fridge and cupboards at which point the Independent Living officer contacted The NEED Project seeking help for the family, within one hour The NEED Project had delivered food for the family and arranged for a Christmas hamper for the following week - HS engaged fully with Independent Living Support Plan and is now back to work and linked in with all specialised support services and no longer at risk of eviction. To witness the positive change was something that will remain with me.

Independent Living Team, Housing Services, Central Bedfordshire Council

Mr W attended an Independent Living Drop-In for financial support. His health had deteriorated and therefore his work hours reduced. The impact was obvious and clearly causing a great deal of stress. Support was provided to claim correct benefits, the officer shared concerns that this takes time and Mr W was struggling NOW.
It was agreed with Mr W a referral would be made to The NEED Project, who kindly provided nappies and wipes. There were a number of packs of both items. This meant the family could refrain from buying these things for at least 2 weeks which cut their outgoings, money they did not have.
The family were extremely grateful and this small gesture gave the family a bit of breathing space.

Independent Living Team, Housing Services, Central Bedfordshire Council

Central Bedfordshire, Independent Living and Local Welfare officers are always mindful how sessional period throughout the year impact on vulnerable households in our local community; such a time are School holidays where Families who rely on free school meals during term time can find themselves facing hunger in the school holidays, when there is an extra financial pressure to provide main meals with parents often skipping meals so they can feed the family.
The NEED project provides efficiently and generously taking in the dietary needs, deliver their items which is so important to those that do not have transport, those that do not have the finances to use transport and those that are too ill to leave their homes all of which is accepted with thanks from our customers.

Independent Living Team, Housing Services, Central Bedfordshire Council

I am writing to thank you for all the support you have given the needy families on my caseload. Without your food parcels that are delivered timely and discreetly and always with a cheerful face some of our families and young children would not manage.
Whenever a piece of furniture or white goods are required - be it a high chair or a mattress for a bed you always manage (somehow ) to find them.
There are concerns that the demand is increasing and if your project didn't exist I wouldn't like to think where some of our families would be now.

Health Visitor, Bedfordshire Health Centre

We had a parcel delivered last week to us.
Just wanted to say a huge thank you to all. This has made a huge difference and taken a real psychological weight off. We are in that awful debt trap, spiralling bank charges and benefits still making decisions. This food ensured my child can eat. THANK YOU.


I am writing this letter today to express our thanks as a church for all the support that The Need Project has been able to give.
Over the many years that we have been partnered with you, we have had access to furniture, household items, clothes, food and much more. Both church members and people from the wider community have been blessed as together we have been able to help them in times of need.
As a church we have been proud to host 'Need Project Days' which are always well attended, and to help at Christmas with the delivering of food parcels to those who would otherwise struggle to have enough food for the festive season.
We thank God for all those who contribute and distribute so much, to those who often have so little. Without this charity so many would go without!
Long may this partnership continue.

King's Community Church, Letchworth Garden City

I am writing this letter in appreciation and thanks for all that you and your team at The Need Project have done to help support my clients.
As you know I worked with vulnerable young people aged between 18 to 24, many of whom are care leavers and have come from abusive bank grounds and many who have mental health issues as well as other ongoing problems.
I am so grateful for the ongoing support that your project has been able to offer over the years. This practical support in the way of emergency furniture, food, clothing and baby equipment etc. is vital to these young people being able to live independently.
With government grants being cut in all directions it is becoming harder and harder to find the practical help that is needed locally. The Need Project has filled a very big void that these cuts have left.
Please thank your team for all the hard work that goes into providing this service for free to those most in need. We value the partnership we have with you.

Support worker, Aldwyck Housing Group

The Need Project received a call from a lady asking if we would like a girls princess bed. Although it was quite big and there was little room to store it, G felt he should take it. The next day, while the bed was still in the van, G decided to make some calls to see if he could find someone who needed the bed. On his first call he reached the lady below. He asked her if she knew anyone who needed a princess bed.
I wanted to say a huge thank you to The Need Project, here is my family's personal story. A few weeks ago, we were offered a beautiful girls pink four poster bed. My daughter had not slept in her bedroom for almost 5 weeks due to her brother having to sleep in our bedroom under the watchful eye of myself (his mother) and my partner because he is a Great Ormond Street patient and had undergone his 4th 5-hour operation on his hand for separation of his webbed fingers along with skin grafting and plastic surgery. We had to make it equal for my daughter to be able to sleep in our room, so she did not get left out. We had worries about how we would get her back into her bedroom. The bed was our hope that she would easily transfer from our room to hers. This also meant that she could give my son her bed as he was sleeping in a cot, which had become too small for him, so they would both now have single beds to sleep in. She came home and stayed with her dad building the bed piece by piece, listening to music all excited to see what it would look like. She slept in her bed that night and has not missed one night in what she calls "my princess bed".
When the Need Project arrived at our house they carried all the parts to the bedroom. We gave G a cup of tea and he sat down in our kitchen. He began to admire where we lived talking about the countryside. We said it is lovely and spoke about all the lovely things we would like to do with the house if it was ours but because it wasn't we had just made it as good as we could regardless of the fact we needed new carpets, a lick of paint and kitchen work and bathroom work. We also spoke about having no electricity downstairs and that we haven't done for a year now. G asked if he could have a look at the electrics to see if there was a loose wire (G is a qualified electrician by trade). After having a fiddle and using his skills we had light!!! Unbelievable!! I hugged him so tight. I collected my daughter from school just an hour after the Need Project being at the house and said to her when she came through the door. Go and flick that switch, her mouth dropped open in pure shock and began to turn on every switch in the house shouting 'mummy we have light' she asked me how it happened, I told her a very special man came to our house today and delivered her a bed and gave us light. I cannot thank the need project enough for what they did for us that day. It will stick with us forever. My son talks about the man that came to our house and made our light work. He is only 2. To think the impact The Need Project has on a two and five-year-old is just immense.
Not only this, but we had had a really tough week with my partner being diagnosed with Gastritis after being rushed to hospital in an ambulance in immense pain where the paramedics were concerned it was possibly a heart attack. Later, after an X-ray he was told he had stomach erosion. My partner has had to completely change his diet and his new condition has sadly become life changing. We had to change everything in our fridge and cupboard from diary and meat to free from and Quorn. On the day the Need Project came he said, 'I know you don't need food, but I brought food because everybody needs feeding'. It was all free from food and lentils. All the food that we newly now had to eat!!
All I can say was that day was a miracle!! I'm ever so thankful for the day you came to my house. My mum had prayed that morning, she got down on her knee's asking for an end to my anxiety and stress from the house, electrics, my son being born disabled, my partners health. All prayers were answered that day.
We were truly blessed! Thank you.

J, Bedfordshire Children's Centre

I am writing to thank you for your organisations very generous donation of female sanitary products for our clients. I would also like to thank the need project for supplying food parcels to some of P2Rs very vulnerable clients. I have no hesitation in recommending the need project for the good work they do.

Hub Manager, Path 2 Recovery Drug & Alcohol Services, Bedfordshire

The Need Project. Meeting the needs of local people.